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Friday, April 06, 2007

[SLJB]: False and misleading statements by promoter scorpio70 - "The company stands by their PR's"

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Re: Sulja Bros. Building Supplies
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The OSC and the SEC can start using their time productively to start throwing a net over the only criminals involved over on I -HUB.

It's beyond inexscuable to leave two paid bashers and an administrator keeping the investment pubic clueless, with the SLJB I-BOX devoid of information.

Absolutely criminal. The company stands by their PR's. Let anybody perform their due diligence offa those, as to what they can choose to do with their money.

There isn't a stock on the top fifty there, that has anything as obvious as to the effort to defraud SLJB's investors.

Please show me a stock on the top fifty without any information like this. There's not one!

Allowing the naked short community to oversee this stock is a travesty knowing no precedent. It's flagrant obviousness will be their own undoing. Their criminal greed has operated with impunity for far too long.

I say there's no way in hell this will stand.

I say there's no way in hell any of us will tolerate this.

The individuals involved on I HUB are criminals. Let them dig their holes deeper. I welcome the delay, if for no other reason than to see them screw themselves so transparently with their historical record of criminal collusion.



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