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Friday, March 21, 2008

[SLJB]: Promoter Peter W. Barton (scorpio70) admits to true relationship with Mr. Petar Vucicevich, former CEO of scam company SLJB

Take a look below at this message board post by promoter Peter W. Barton of Elmira, NY describing his "get-together" with Mr. Petar Vucicevich, former CEO of scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd (SLJB), last year in Colchester, Canada.

Also, more detailed comments about former CEO Vucicevich by Peter W. Barton in the "comment" section below.

Posted by: scorpio70
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Date:3/21/2008 12:33:40 AM
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Too bad that PV has been caught in MANY inconsistencies and outright Fibs.

We talked at length on that crisp cloudless day, mano a mano, against the setting sun in Colchester.

He said...'There isn't anything that was untrue or unfactual about any of our pr's. I have no desire to be spending time with Bubba'. Now if you're asking me if I've ever lied before in my life, who could possibly say such a thing. Sure I have. But as it concerns you as a shareholder, know that all of our pr's are factual and true.

I said...'You do know there's people talking chit 'bout you. Do you consider yourself a Siberian thug'

He smiled and said...''re scorpio...right?

We immediately embraced each other in the fellowship that only men who've known on that primal level, the injustices that life can offer, and gazed at the moon in awe, starting to rise over the shores of Lake Erie. We shared many secrets that day. I only knew my life would never be the same again.

I returned home that night and immediately started accumulating another 9,000,300 shares.



Blogger the_worm06 said...

More on what Peter W. Barton (scorpio70) says about former SLJB CEO Petar Vucicevich, from Private Messages sent by him to a cybersleuth:

Private Message
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Sent By: scorpio70 Date: 6/1/2007 11:20:57 PM

I him up close..reminded me of the kinda guy in the showers you'd find is hung like a horse. Maybe it was just his bothered to check out his feet..and paid no attention to his handshake.

But I don't deny there's been an incredible amount of stupidity. That they'd fuck up all attempts at serving you doesn't surprise me. Canadian woodchucks playing with a skilled writer is not a fair match.



Private Message
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Sent By: scorpio70 Date: 6/1/2007 11:55:29 PM a shareholder it was a necessity to have an unnatural infatuation with him. How else can you overcome others inability to read between the lines and their sheep like movements. I was dumb enough to have thought it'd help the price in the interim.

Least it gave me something to keep me busy while wanting to really vent my frustrations with what turned out to be such easy prey for your talents. It's hard to say who might actually be more contemptuous.

As for the lawsuits...yeah, I'll concede nothing was making sense time and time again. With the last straw listening to Leslie's upsets with Steve and seeing her own feeble attempt to work out her frustrations on ya with her own lawsuit. I cringed when I listened to her own attorney she retained a while back who called soliciting me for info and knew from listening to him that nothing was going to become of it.

As for whoever has got an ax to grind with my info and police around here is pretty dull. No cops seen. Phone is silent. drive by shootings quite yet.

Ms Addams will tolerate the valentine card if it means getting her guy offa the puter and back in a relationship. lol...she'd probably tolerate the drive by shooting for that matter.


2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My response to your laughable posts.

It is nice to see that the major source of your information comes from private messages on I-hub (as shown in this Scorpio post). It clearly shows the extent of your research capabilities and also tells me how you have my phone number that you prank called. Way too funny. Maybe your can submit your experience to the proper state authorities and get an honorary PI license, lol.

10:35 PM  

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