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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[EIGH]: Promoter Travis Keizer, a legal representative of scam company 8000, Inc., threatens libel lawsuit for EIGH

against an innocent stockholder of scam company 8000, Inc. (EIGH) - for simply asking questions as to when the EIGH retail store will open in Barbados. The company fully stated that it was going to open by Monday, January 31, 2011 and almost 2 weeks later the store has yet to be opened.!/note.php?note_id=500149582843&comments

Travis Keizer I'm a cyberbully. I never thought buying a few shares of a pink company would be so entertaining.

Randy & Bob. This is pinksheet company in development. Nobody expects the company to execute perfectly or be able to live up to all thier expe...ctations. But to continually, as if you are being paid, ask stupid questions over and over, is completely unnecessary. The company will update shareholders when there is something to tell us.

Also, there are entities paying big dollars to have this comapny inked, for whatever reason. Whether or not you represent this interest is none of my business. However, it seems like you do....

And I believe, "as I stated" when the company has the means, litigation will take place.

Also. Both you guys stay out of public restroom for awhile....See More
13 hours ago.


A few details on the background of promoter Travis Keizer, who appears to be a Bank Branch Manager for Regions Financial Coporation since 2007 in Birmingham, Alabama:!/profile.php?id=712000743



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the original date was December 15th. And since it is little more than a Kiosk in a Mall, it should be a pice of cake to furnish, stock and open! But even if it did, it would probably do a couple hundred thousand $ probably with little or no profit.

That would result in a TRUE Market Cap of a few ten thousand $. This is a BS Company at best, a Criminal activity at worst. I choose b).

As to that Travis pig, he can sue all he wants. And the Company will DEFINITELY be in Court soon. Defending themselves in the Criminal Complaints...

6:45 AM  

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