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Friday, January 27, 2006

[PLNI]: "Bearclaw" admits to trading Plasticon on Confidential Insider Information

The poster "Bearclaw" from the message board brazenly admits that he has been actively trading PLNI based on confidential insider information that is released only to a special few people.

Notice how he uses the word "swing" or "swinging" to describe "sale" or "selling" of the stock. This poster blames the evil bashers for downward pressure on the PLNI stock price, but says nothing about the downward pressure that selling the stock into the market by these "swing traders" would have.

posted January 27, 2006 04:22

Ed...I disagree in this sense...Stock and State had "Opinions" not "Questions"....They gave unsubstantiated input based on a lack of information...they only knew what they knew and gave it their own twist...They are certainly not in any loop that is in the know...No one wanted to share information with them..There was a reason for that...

If you don't own a position in a company and continually criticize ...then what is the agenda? Now Stock, State and Grynder all don't own PLNI shares and have no intention of getting back in IMO...So what's the agenda? This smells paid basher to me...Here to shake out the weak hands for the MM's to pick up cheap shares...

I just got more shares at .0082 today after swinging at a higher level this morning...Do you consider that swing stupid because you don't have all the information you require? There are reasons why all that information is not out...but...some folks put a negatiove spin on those reasons and it seems others have bought into that theory...This stock was at .004-.006 not too long ago...That was certainly a time to consider buying...was it then stupid to buy? Come on this is pennies...

PLNI has more potential than 99% of the other penny stocks...The only decision here is to buy, sell or hold...or in Stock and States from the sidelines and criticize......not an investment option IMO...So if folks are here to make money they may want to look for other advisors...IMO

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