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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

[PLNI]: Some predictions for 2006


The following is the opinion of the_worm06 on certain events that will, or will not, take place in 2006 for Plasticon:

1. The acquistion of Semco by PLNI will not close in 2006.

2. If the acquisition of Pro Mold closes in 2006, then within 12 months of its closing, the plant will be shut down due to the substantial debt burden from borrowings on its assets by PLNI.

3. If the Pro Mold acquisition closes, then contrary to what PLNI had publicly stated, the structure of the transaction will show that PLNI stockholders were diluted substantially in order to pay for the acquisition.

4. The PLNI audited financial statements will never be filed with the SEC in 2006.

5. The bluelinx "EXCLUSIVE" distribution agreement with PLNI will be terminated or amended, if has not already occurred.

6. By the middle of 2006, PLNI will issue and have outstanding close to the full 5 billion common shares that it has currently authorized .

7. The next PLNI shares outstanding figure published on will be over 3 billion shares.

8. PLNI will effect a substantial reverse split on its common stock by the end of 2006.



Blogger Relentless Despot said...

I have recently been accused of being you over on allstocks.
Once it was obvious I was not I was banned.
Any interest in going after the message boards that willfully promote scam companies to it's members?

3:56 PM  
Blogger the_worm06 said...

So are you saying that if it turned out that you were the_worm06, then you would not have been banned?

What company message board on allstocks did this occur?

please provide the link and what your alias was/is.



4:12 PM  

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