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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

[PLNI]: Mr. Pumpy and the Massive PLNI Share Issuance


After months of blaming the evil naked short sellers, Mr. Pumpy finally admits that adding significant amounts to the PLNI common shares outstanding would cause a huge decline in the stock price per share.

The PLNI stock price has declined 67%, from $0.019 on August 24, 2005 to today's $0.0062.

By: rrm_btdt
11 Jan 2006, 05:08 AM EST
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Be aware that it appears that there are many posts from the bashholes suggesting / predicting PLNI movement to .005 before Friday. Nominally that tactic is used in advance of a shakeout push. All longs should be aware and watch MM action closely today. If VFIN sits on the Ask again all day and undercuts the Ask, I expect the "this is the dump portion of P&D" basher comments to be prolific, and them to attck me for posting this.

Recent bashhole posts have "guessed" that PLNI has increased it's O/S to 3.5B from the 2.3B shares listed on 12/07/05. Adding 1,200 million shares would have caused a huge decline in PPS. However, in the last month, PLNI is up over 70% from its lows and higher than it was a month ago.

We all know what the bashholes are up to. Keep your perspective and let's hope for news this morning.

You may now attack this post bashers...




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