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Sunday, January 15, 2006

[PLNI]: " I believe in them and I am going to stick with them..."


It appears that a "believer" of PLNI is making fun of an investor that lost any desire to own the PLNI stock based on the events that have occurred during that last 4 months. Save this post for when the PLNI stock price drops from the current $0.006 to below $0.001 within the next six months and the author of the post below, footballcrazy, is still holding his wonderful PLNI stock:

To: Captain James T. Kirk who wrote (1791)
1/16/2006 12:21:05 AM
of 1793

I'm not going anywhere. I made an investment in PLNI because I believe in them and I am going to stick with them. The money I used won't break me if I lose it. BUT, it sure will be sweet when it comes through. You shouldn't have spent your money to start with on PLNI if you didn't believe in it. You lost money and that is your own fault. Even if you would have waited just another week or 2, you would've probably been able to have gotten your money back with the rise to .0082 like it did.

But you didn't, so take your lumps and get over it. And if you are so down on PLNI now, why are you sticking around? You have no vested interest anymore. It's gonna eat at ya like a virus. And if it does take that ride skyward, your itching will only get worst. My advice to you is to forget PLNI and move on. It's already starting to consume you. Otherwise, you wouldn't still be here on this board.

And I did see the Easter Bunny. He brought me some beautiful 24kt Gold Eggs:) But don't worry. I told him to remember you. I told him to keep bringing you those lovely "PLASTIC" eggs so that you will always remember what you let slip through your grasp.

Good Luck!



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