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Sunday, January 15, 2006

[PLNI]: Mr. Bumpy and Related Parties


1. In another false and misleading statement by the promoter, Mr. Bumpy, he states that:

"TBLU... never was or has been intended as a PLNI-related company..."

2. The two SEC filings by TBLU (telcoblue, Inc.) below show otherwise - that TBLU and PLNI are related parties, having transferred significant amounts of cash and shares between them and having the same CEO, James N. Turek:
On September 20, 2005, Plasticon International, Inc., a Wyoming corporation, (formally Wicklund Holding Company (WHC)), forgave a debt of $140,507 owed to WHC by telco Blue, Inc. James N. Turek, the President and CFO of telcoBlue, Inc. is also the President of Plasticon International, Inc. and WHC. The result is an addition to other income in the amount of $140,507 for the period.
Due to/from related party -During 2004, the Company was repaid approximately $795,000 of amounts loaned to Plasticon International ("Plasticon"), a company which the Company's Chief Executive Officer was officer and significant owner. The repayment was in the form shares of common stock of Plasticon. In 2004, the Company issued these shares of common stock of Plasticon to certain individuals in satisfaction of notespayable approximating $795,000 which represented 65% of the originalprincipal balance (the remaining 35% of these notes payable remain outstanding as of December 31, 2004 and are listed in Note 5).

3. How long is Mr. Pumpy going to continue this non-stop flow of false and misleading statements about PLNI?



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