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Friday, January 27, 2006

[PLNI]: Bearclaw and his "Swing Trading"

In this series of posted messages by the poster "Bearclaw" on, he continues to attack another person that simply brings out the negative aspects of PLNI.

Bearclaw states that he is "in this stock for a long time", ......
.....apparently forgetting that he had recently stated that he has been selling PLNI stock all along, since May 2005 ("Swing Trading" involves the constant selling of stock into the market). that it?

Is this the reason why certain posters like Bearclaw are unhappy at the people that question PLNI management? - because it gets in the way of their short term trading of the PLNI pump'n'dumps?

Does Bearclaw not realize that his short term trading profits of PLNI have come at the expense of innocent investors of PLNI that have been suckered into investing by PLNI and its promoters with the many misleading press releases?

If Bearclaw is happy with PLNI and its management and if Bearclaw states that he is in this stock for a long time, then why has he been selling all along?

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posted January 27, 2006 18:07

I've dismissed you as a basher...Wether you did it intentionally or were just unhappy it didn't matter...Your constant negatives were just as effective as a paid basher...

I also don't think you ever knew how to make money on this stock...There are a bunch of folks that have added to their positions and made very good profits...You were too busy looking for the reasons not to trust Turek and everyone connected with him...

I also think you and Stockhunter saw this investment as a glass half empty and I have never understood why you got in this in the first place...Never understood why you put all the time and effort and never looked into how to turn a profit...This is pennies not the NYSE...So you were easy to dismiss...

This is a life changing investment...IMO...A company that will be solid for many many years to come...Oh...and has a solid management team...I think you got this all wrong...and convinced others to follow your lead...

If you continue to come here with nothing invested...then it's an unreasonable resentment or bashing...take your pick...I'm in this stock for a long time, have worked my butt off and don't need your resentments to Turek or your bashing...whichever one it is but they both are the same to me...

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posted January 27, 2006 08:14 PM

State...No you can't sway me and neither can Stockhunter...I don't act like a paid pumper but you and Stockhunter both bash PLNI and Turek...because things are yet unexplained only means they are unexplained...and certainly unexplained to you two...Your reasons for being here and not invvested is a good reason to ask your agenda...Why would you two even bother putting in all this time? If it's not to slam PLNI then what is it?

I clearly tell folks I swing trade this stock...and have since early spring to accumulate shares...I have told them it's a good swing trade stock and if they're interested to look into Swingtrading...If that's pumping then have at it...I don't treat people like a brother who bash my hard earned investment...

You have nothing invested...Your judgement has no value if your not risking anything...It's just BS...Don't you get that? I'm not alalyzing you...I'm saying bashers are dangerous to folks investments and you two act like, polite bashers...Get it?



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