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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

[PLNI]: Who is "greenbaypackers19644"?

Who is "greenbaypackers19644" from the Raging Bull message boards (also "gopackersgo" from the Silicon Investor and IHUB message boards)?

He claims to own 50 million PLNI shares.

He dumped 15 million PLNI shares when he panicked earlier in the year.

He has been receiving insider information from PLNI management.

He has libeled the_worm06 (this is not good).

He has posted false and misleading information on the internet in an attempt to deceive the investment public.

He has been pumping and hyping PLNI, particularly during the recent weeks.

Currently he is in a very desperate mode, attacking and insulting anyone that states anything negative about PLNI, as he is down several hundred thousand dollars in his investment in PLNI.

catch up on his postings here:

details to follow



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