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Friday, August 03, 2007

[PLNI][SLJB][GCHR/ARUR ]: Former associate of promoter John M. Hollen (jmhollen) accuses him of receiving shares to promote without disclosure


To: Jeffrey S. Mitchell who wrote (10070)
8/3/2007 1:09:55 PM
From: im a survivor 10071 of 10071

Yes. He was a paid pumper who dumped when he was screaming for everybody to buy. Nor did he disclose he was compensated to promote certain company's while he was pumping them.

Both is the answer to your other question. He did this when being compensated and he did this on his own if he was not compensated and he certainly was not honest or sincere and considering he has made literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of BUY RECS of whick 99% plumett, I think it is safe to say YES, he is an awful stock picker. His public recs and the performance of his recs is all one needs to see. Did some go up? Sure. A) Not unusual for something that is being pumped to go up and B) Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn. However, C) Those that did go up, did not stay up. Most of his recs end up lying dead in the street, even if some did see a nice run up (very short lived before they crash usualy), before they crashed.

You said the company. Not sure which company you are talking about. I do know of some that compensated him which he did not disclose, but this is a guy with hundreds and hundreds of recs on pure 100% pieces of $hit and only the authorities can know exactly which ones compensated him and which ones he worked on by himself. For instance, he always contacts whatever company in an effort to get free shares to help promote them. Many company's say "Ok, lets do it". Others blow him off. Oddly enough and I dont mind saying this publicly because anybody can call and verify. ACHI. I do not know if he was compensated by them when he first pumped the company. Very possibly he was, then again, maybe he was not. What I do know is if you call ACHI today and mention this person, they will flat out tell you he is a nut who has been harassing them for free shares and after telling him to get lost many, many times and to stop harassing them, they had their lawyer put a stop to him calling them. They did not have anything good to say about this person, called him a nut and an unethical and desperate person and they did not want to be associated with him in any matter way or form. When this person posted publicly that he was great friends with two main people at achi, they did not take that too kindly to say the least.

But Jeff, I believe you already know all of this and if you are trying to figure out if he was involved with PLNI in this manner, all I can say is I honestly do not know. Maybe he was, maybe he wasnt, I truly do not know. If I did, I would surely tell you, but I prefer to stick with things I know to be factual and although I have heard your group claim that he was paid to pump PLNI, I do not know if that is factual or not factual.

One thing I do know that your group has been 110% wrong about for quite a long while is the many people you think are associated with and/or working with this person (I love the JMH...Just My Hunch name, as you are correct ;>)). Your group, the insect with the blog and etc, have accused many people of being in cahoots with this guy and I can factualy say, not a single person you guys have mentioned, has anything to do with Just My Hunch, other then being cordial with him on the MB's. In fact, most of the people you guys have accused of being in cahoots with him, can only laugh at the accusations because almost every one of these people know he is a scam artist and want nothing to do with him. Being cordial with him or posting on one of his boards(hard to avoid when he moderates how many hundreds of boards on this one site alone?) does NOT mean certain people are in cahoots with him. Most of the people yall have accused of working with him are a lot smarter then you give them credit for and they KNOW all about JMH and know better then to do anything more then be cordial to him in public.

Have a great weekend........



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