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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

[SLJB]: Promoter Peter W. Barton (scorpio70000) continues to defend former SLJB CEO Petar Vucicevich

Posted on August 6, 2007 from Mr. Barton's newest SLJB promotional message board

As you read below please keep in mind that Mr. Vucicevich has been charged with securities fraud by the Ontario Securities Commission for his role in the massive frauds at scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd.

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It gets even better. For all the abuse that Petar Vucicevich has taken it should start to become clear that this man who has suffered through the entire process by being portrayed as some sort of con artist is anything but.

Anybody want to figure out what Mr Vucicevich's religous affiliation is now.

He's never left the scene. He works daily alongside the Sulja's for a simple reason. He is their brother in faith. He has Sunday dinner with them and sits at their table. He's been sitting at their table FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS.

He had no use for being photograhed either by the Windsor Star, or by any of us when we visited. None. He stepped aside and looked embarrassed by the notion of posing for a group shot of us in Colchester behind the Trim Shop.

His vehicles are leased. Not owned as material possessions. They're leased.

His attire is modest. He wears the same thing daily. The reference to him being called 'Black Pete' should be more fairly characterized as he dresses in the same attire daily, as a matter of religious faith. He dresses in black. Just as the Sulja men wear black pants and white shirt daily.

He never ran from any aftermath of things happening post 16th, He made himself available by blog several times and stood his ground answering question after question unrehersed, being mainly served up by the paid bash crew, intent on deligitimizing him.

Care to show me even one instance of wrongdoing on the part of Mr Vucicevich or any of the Sulja's? Go search. You can't find anything, can you? Cheer up, neither could the paid crew.

Dem's da facts. Welcome to penny world, where a stock before financials can be arbitrarily priced subpenny, while nakedly shorted. And welcome to being fortunate enough to be holding shares to the rare real deal. The one that comes along in penny world but once in a blue moon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of cr*p. I have known these people for the last 10 years. I have also had dinner on SUNDAYS with the Sulja's and I have never seen Pete. Furthermore, the Sulja's are supposidly members of the ACC (Apostolic Christian Church), and I am sure that Pete is not a baptized member of this Christian denomination.

11:52 AM  
Blogger the_worm06 said...

It is part of this Peter W. Barton's MO to say and do anything in order to "protect" his investment and in order to defend his buddy former SLJB CEO Petar Vucicevich.

12:59 PM  

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