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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. Robert H. Cooper - "The Unethical Attorney", Part V

One more step on the road to disbarment.

The following is Part V in a series on the unbelievable unethical behavior exhibited by Miami Attorney Robert H. Cooper (Robert Cooper).

This time legal documents from the Florida lawsuit titled: UCSY v. Dembovich, Villasenor et al have been chosen. Mr. Cooper was the attorney for the Plaintiffs. The frivolous lawsuit has been dismissed.

In an Court Order rarely seen in U.S. Courts around the country, Mr. Cooper's behavior was so unethical that the Judge ordered him to "comply with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure with regard to the issuance and service thereof," of notices to all parties.

Truly unbelievable that a licensed attorney would behave in a manner that such severe court orders would have to be issued against him.

A paragraph from the Court Order:

3) Plaintiffs shall provide timely notice to all parties, including intervener Lycos, Inc., of all subpoenas, discovery notices and other pleadings served on their behalf and will comply with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure with regard to the issuance and service thereof,

Here is the Court Order:

Here is Part I:

Here is Part II:

Here is Part III:

Here is Part IV:



Blogger plostyle1 said...

This post is for worm 06 or anyone else that is intrested. i have a real dispute with Robert Cooper at this time. I googled his name which led me to this blog. im not surprised to see that many others feel the same way i do about this attorney. He is exactly what everyone says he is. He made promises to me and didnt delivar at all. He is at this moment trying to cheat me out of a lot of money and trying to charge me for work he didnt do. I dont know how he even has a license to practice law. it is unbelievable. If anyone has any suggestions or can help me in any way please inform me on how to proceed. thanks! absolutly dont hire this unethical lawyer!!!!!!

1:59 AM  

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