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Sunday, December 11, 2005

[PLNI]: The Recent Green Baron Report Update on PLNI

Below please find two posted messages from

Notice that The Green Baron Report is involved in distributing the false and misleading PLNI press relase regarding the closing of the acquisition of Pro Mold, inc.

The second posted message by "StockHunter" gives a good summation of the questions that should be asked regarding the capital structure of PLNI and the involvement of The Green Baron Report.

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December 11, 2005 10:42

Besides the fact they are a promoting website.... I do like the fact they put their money where their mouth is and supported the stock.

Special Update from the Green Baron

Plasticon International (PK: PLNI)
Pre-Market News Alert:

Plasticon Completes Pro Mold, Inc. Acquisition

Plasticon International has been a Green Baron favorite for much of 2005. Members who followed our May 2005 profile were treated to a stock that rallied from .0052 to .0199 in less than 30 days. The stock traded back and forth between .011 and .019 for much of the year until recently. Amazing enough, Plasticon has given back nearly all its gains from this year at a time when it appears things are just getting started at the Company. Today’s release confirms a number of important developments for Plasticon.

The Green Baron Report has plans to interview CEO Jim Turek and Senior Consultant Bill Howe at least one or two more times in the near future. Both gentlemen are eager to report what has been happening over the past few months in great detail, but must be careful about appearances and interviews during what appears to be the final stages of its audit.

Our parent company, Evergreen Marketing, Inc. has recently purchased stock through private transactions in Plasticon. We have also suggested our closest high net worth contacts to consider supporting Plasticon due to its extremely promising future. Although we would like to articulate our feelings about Plasticon stock more at this time, we also must be mindful about our support due to our personal financial interests. Instead, we will continue to present all Plasticon news announcements and conduct interviews with key PLNI parties to keep all members and the investing public updated on the latest events. We will continue to comment where it seems appropriate to do so.

LEXINGTON, KY--(MARKET WIRE)-December 9, 2005 -- Plasticon International Inc. (Other OTC: PLNI.PK) is pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed the privately financed and definitive agreement for the acquisition of Pro Mold, Inc., pending SEC approval. Plasticon will be receiving plant equipment and current contracts valued at close to $5 Million.

Pro Mold, Inc. is currently profitable and generates revenues of approximately $5 million annually. Pro Mold, Inc. is one of the premiere injection molding companies of the Midwest. The Pro Mold facilities will be wholly owned by Plasticon, and will become the centerpiece for manufacturing operations. As a result, Plasticon will no longer rely on contract manufacturers, thus improving the company’s bottom line.

The Pro Mold facilities allow Plasticon to greatly advance production capabilities. With the addition of the new high-capacity molding machine that Plasticon recently purchased, the plant will now be able to produce up to $28 to $30 million in and sales annually.

"This acquisition symbolizes a move to the next level for Plasticon, we can now control the future of the company through our own proprietary manufacturing methodology. This is a great day for Plasticon and our investors." stated Jim Turek, President and CEO of Plasticon International, Inc.

About Plasticon International, Inc.

Plasticon International ( designs, produces, and distributes high-quality concrete accessories, transportation signage, plastic lumber, and office supplies which are all produced from recycled and recyclable plastics. Plasticon is a leader, an innovator of cutting-edge design, engineering, and production of industrial and commercial products. Plasticon is a green Company, environmentally friendly, using recycled plastics to produce its line of products.

For more information, please visit the Plasticon web site online at,/ or Contact Investor Relations at: 1-866 THE APPL(E)--------------------

It will run when you least expect it. :)

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December 11, 2005 13:14

The GB update is a big red flag IMO. They make their money by receiving shares and then selling them. When the stock goes down, they have to pump harder to protect their position and to sell more shares. The most disingenuous statement in the email is :

“ Amazing enough, Plasticon has given back nearly all its gains from this year at a time when it appears things are just getting started at the Company. “

Come on. They absolutely know the why and how this happened because they were an integral part of the fall. From Sept 1 to Dec 7 the number of shareholders increased by 31% while the stock lost 63%. The GB pump brought in new investors who bought from those distributing virgin shares into the market. While these shares could have come directly from the company, a conduit like GB is also a likely source.

More info and spin from the GB:

“We have received 18,500,000 shares of free trading common stock from a consultant of Plasticon International, Inc. (PLNI); Evergreen Marketing acquired an additional 10,849,829 shares of PLNI through private market purchase and finders fees. Evergreen Marketing partners acquired a total of 9,993,106 through private market purchases. We have also funded the company an additional $100,000 through a private purchase of shares. We invested another $50,000 US through a private purchase transaction. “

Its too bad we don’t get to see their books. The likely translation of this spin (IMO of course) is GB receives shares, sells them, keeps some for themselves and returns some (“private purchase”) to Plasticon in return for more free or heavily discounted shares which they sell into the market. This cycle will go on as long as needed and as long as it works. GB makes money, Plasticon raises money, and our stock gets diluted.

I would suggest everyone interested in following a GB recommendation look at their disclaimer and go through all the companies they have represented (helped raise funds through stock sales). Their clients cannot raise money on their own so they need to sell shares. Many if not most of these companies fail and even fewer shareholders make money by purchasing the shares they help distribute into the market. Notice in the disclaimer they state they can sell stock even while are recommending its purchase.

Originally I was hopeful the o/s and float disclosures would force the company to issue a PR with complete explanation. The fact they went to GB and Wall Street News for a pump, ignored mine and others written requests for clarification, and used the old phone chat with a friendly investor route to spread their message makes me skeptical.

IMO, this is what you will likely not see in Mondays PR (if there is one). There will be no share numbers, certainly not float numbers. The float is likely much higher than the 690M stated (see earlier posts) so they will only make vague references to previous numbers, dates and sources.

They will not state the exact source of the sales, only ‘fill in the blank’ inference. They will not spell out how many more shares and from what source further dilution can come. They will not explain why BAC lied to investors after having been informed of the change in a/s, and why they lied about having that information. (I sent it to both BAC and Turek in October). If they blame BAC for the misinformation they need to explain why they weren't fired and continued to knowingly give out this false info.

We need to demand explicitly stated written answers to basic questions. Since they claim the audits numbers are done and they want to be fully reporting, they should start now by acting like a fully reporting company. HISC is waiting to go OTCBB and they still release sales and unaudited results and spell out their capitalization. There is no reason for silence or secrecy, only the ability to do so since they are pink.The best way to protect our investment is to demand explicit and timely answers.

The best way to lose money is to help them promote false information they feed out through second hand sources, phone conversations and inuendo.

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