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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

[PLNI]: Why the Level II was removed for PLNI

From the_worm06 Research Department: requested certain information, from PLNI management, about the share and capital structure of PLNI two weeks ago. PLNI management finally faxed some of the infomation to on Thursday, Feb. 2nd, including common shares outstanding and common share float.

The balance of the information, however, was not provided by PLNI. gave PLNI management until close of trading yesterday, Tuesday, Feb. 7th to provide the information or else the Level II would not be provided on their website. As of this morning, had not received any communication from PLNI management, so they decided to not provide the Level II quotes for PLNI on their website.

The type of information requested, which has still not been provided by PLNI management includes, but is not limited to: (1) Share issuance history and (2) ownership of common shares by the PLNI "control" persons.

The PLNI Level II quotes will remain deleted on the website until ALL of the requested information is supplied by PLNI management. One of the reasons for these type of requests by is because of the significant amount of stock promotional activities conducted by PLNI with such paid promotors as The Green Report.



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