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Saturday, May 13, 2006

[PLNI]: The two-faced short term trader: "I believe in the company....."

Pay attention to this sleazy short term trader, "plniwillflyO", on the Raging Bull message boards, who also posts under the aliases of "bullishforplini", "iwannarideO" and "lookin for a break" on the Raging Bull, Silicon Investor and IHUB message boards, respectively.

In the post below he attacks an investor who lost money on PLNI. plniwillflyO then states that he believes in the company, PLNI. This individual from the New York area, by way of the University of Montana, has called just about everyone that points out PLNI's frauds a "criminal" and consistently attacks them with foul language.

The reality of the matter is that this particular individual has had a more significant negative effect on the stock price of PLNI than any other person posting on Raging Bull - he dumped most of his PLNI ownership, 10 million PLNI shares, in one day in Feb. 2006, causing one of the biggest one day drops in the history of the PLNI stock price.

He has previously libeled the_worm06 - not good. It seems that some of his cohorts are sick of his foul language and have privately released the details of this individual. - not good.

By: plniwillfly0
13 May 2006, 05:25 PM EDT
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Please provide the link. Or do you have insider info?

"The 2006 numbers will show losses as well."

As for your other comments, your wrong across the board. I do know what I'm doing as do you you POS. I believe in what the company is doing. I believe that they are on the edge of something great. I do believe they could have done MANY things better and will.

I also believe you are a POS and not worth the TCP/IP strings you waste with your inane comments. Bud, you are a criminal just like your little friends. I on the other hand believe.

Not pumping at all just saying it like it is. 1st Qtr 06 numbers will tell us all what the future holds. I believe those numbers will be strong and show a nice profit.

You on the other hand hope they do not (for whatever reason) and constantly waste time and energy trying to push your agenda down everybodys throat as if it were fact. You don't know crap about this company and the future. Your caught in the past probably a has been or a never was. Go back to your one room apt and sulk with shortinthepants. Sounds like you guys have a lot in common.

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