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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) and scam company Digital Gas, Inc. (DIGG)

Read this first:

In addition, promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) has pumped and hyped scam company PLNI for the last two years now, attacking anyone and anything that brings out the PLNI frauds and self-dealing of its CEO, Mr. James N. Turek, Sr. It seems that Mr. Matthews feels it is his duty to "protect" his investment in PLNI, no matter how fraudulent the company is. You can read a sample of Mr. Matthews' false and misleading statements on PLNI copied in this blog by entering "rrm" on the top left search button of this page. During Mr. Matthews' massive disinformation campaign, the stock price of PLNI has dropped from 1.9 cents/shares to less than $0.0001/share and the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, having sustained losses of more than $110 million in the last few years.

and now,

Promoter Rick Matthews is pumping, hyping and defending yet another company and its CEO. What is the name of this company? Is this new company that he is defending also a scam company? What other well known promoter is also hyping this other company?

details to follow



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