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Thursday, April 24, 2008

[PHGI]: Promoter Keith R. Greenwald calls the PHGI CEO a "crook"

from Mr. Keith R. Greenwald ("im a survivor"):

"However, after watching the PHGI saga unfold, I can honestly say that in my opinion the CEO of PHGI is anything but honest. In my opinion he is a crook who knew exactly what he was doing and the plan is going exactly as he intended."

This is what promoter Keith R. Greenwald of Charlotte, NC had to say about the CEO of Perihelion Global, Inc. You might remember Mr. Greenwald as the crazed-out promoter of scam company Plasticon International, Inc. (PLNI) who attacked all the cybersleuths that brought out the red flags of the massive fraud committed by PLNI CEO James N. Turek, Sr.

Promoter Keith R. Greenwald has used the following aliases on the message boards Silicon Investor, Investors Hub and Raging Bull: "KG4", "im a survivor", "snipples" and "poiuyt20011".

Even though Mr. Greenwald is now attacking the PHGI CEO, it was not long ago when he was pumping and hyping PHGI, claiming that he had made significant profits on trading the company's stock - which is odd, since the stock price of PHGI has done nothing but spiral down for the last year and a half (and if you are wonderng, yes, Mr. Greenwald also claimed that he made massive profits on the scam company PLNI).

How odd for this person from 3106 Old House Circle - You would think that the PHGI CEO would consider suing Mr. Greenwald for Libel at this point in time.

here is Kieth R. Greenwald's ("im a survior") attack on the PHGI CEO:



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