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Friday, November 19, 2010

[EIGH]: Yet another correct stock price prediction by the_worm06

On October 3, 2010 the_worm06 predicted a $0.01 stock price for scam company EIGH. The stock price at the time was $0.37. So the prediction was for a 97% drop in stock price.

Yesterday, on November 18, 2010, less than 2 months since the prediction, the EIGH stock price reached the $0.01 stock price prediction of the_worm06, after trading began in EIGH after the 10 day trading suspension issued by the SEC for unreliable statements made in press releases by EIGH:



Anonymous Anonymous said...


1 0 4 3 2 B a l l s F o r d R o a d S u i t e 3 0 0 M a n a s s a s V i r g i n i a 2 0 1 0 9
Statement to all Shareholders of 8000 Inc.
On November 8, 2010, the company became the subject of a trading suspension and an SEC
Subpoena “In the Matter of Monks Den.”
The trading suspension, which related principally to questions about the accuracy of certain press
releases, was lifted at 11:59PM November 17, 2010.
The Subpoena requires the submission of documents and testimony of certain persons associated
with the company relating principally to its relationship with Monks Den. Through its legal counsel
and advisors, the company and such Subpoenaed persons are cooperating fully with all requests from
the SEC , have submitted the documents required under the Subpoena and the first of at least two
SEC depositions to be given in this matter is scheduled for Monday.
Preliminarily, the company wants to state publicly:
~ It is not and has never been involved, independently or in combination with Monks Den or its
principal(s), in any illegal stock profiting scheme (commonly called “pump and dump”).
~ The company has not to date paid for any promotional activity and does not engage in any
such activity.
~ The company is a legitimate, active company which its management feels is gaining traction
in its redirected business plan and, in fact, poised to become successful, among other activities,
development of its Brand8000 and nurturing the companies it has acquired over the last 11 months.
~ The company accepts that it should have handled certain actions differently and is prepared
to take all appropriate corrective actions, including issuing appropriate corrective disclosures.
~ Nonetheless, neither the company nor the person Subpoenaed persons has engaged in illegal
stock profiting or market manipulation.
In fact, the company would like to clarify and make public the following:
~ The acquisition of Monks Den was never completed; no payment was made or exchanged;
and was not concluded. The company accepts this aborted transaction could have been clarified
earlier and this will be addressed with the SEC.
~ In conjunction with the Subpoena and its full cooperation with the SEC, the business records,
activities, invoices, orders, agreements and additional supporting documents submitted have
aggregated not less than 8000 pages (some 1.4GB of documents and records).
~ For some 6 months, the company has been aware of illegal naked short positions and it has
submitted stock audit findings and related documentation in the company’s submission to the SEC.
~ In that context, the company has sent all recorded voicemails and e-mails, including those of
a threatening nature, as part of its submission to the SEC.
~ Similarly, the company has included in its Subpoena response its compilation (including
names, websites, relationships) a file of all public boards making false allegations and associations
pertaining to the company and its associates engaging in scam operations, pump and dump schemes
or payment for services, etc.
~ The company will accept any future operational and disclosure directions from the SEC.
1 0 4 3 2 B a l l s F o r d R o a d S u i t e 3 0 0 M a n a s s a s V i r g i n i a 2 0 1 0 9
~ The company and its associated persons are redoubling its efforts, looking back and forward,
to make full and fair disclosure of its proper business activities.
While the company regrets the trading suspension and investigation, it is more troubled with the
scurrilous comments and false statements about the company.
The company will continue to inform and update its investors accordingly.
For more information please visit:
Or contact:

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