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Friday, August 31, 2007

[PLNI]: Pathetic!


That is about the best description of the recent actions by Promoter Rick Matthews (aka Richard R. Matthews aka rrm_bcnu), the retired Raytheon Engineer and native of Sedalia, Missouri, who was caught making material false and misleading statements about scam company Plasticon International, Inc. (PLNI). This is not the first time that he has been caught making material false and misleading statements in his attempt to pump and hype PLNI over the last two years - there have been dozens of times now that this has happened.

He has now acknowledged that he was completely wrong, then turns around and, as moderator of the message board for scam company PLNI, he deletes his posted message that included much of his false and misleading statements and viscious attacks on the Missouri law firm representing one of the creditors of PLNI and its subsidiary Pro Mold, Inc.

Fortunately the message was saved and copied here:

Mr. Matthews has now gone on the attack - again - both against the Internet cybersleuths that have brought out the red flags about the massive frauds committed by CEO Turek and PLNI and against the "evil short sellers", which no one seems to know who they are in the case of PLNI. He even goes as far as using "God" in his attack posts, as if "God" is going to punish the evil cybersleuths for telling the truth about the PLNI frauds.

Please review this link to a post written by one of the top Internet cybersleuths, Carmelbeach, which does a fantastic job of analyzing a recent "attack" posted message by the Promoter Matthews, which seems to point to a very "disturbed" individual. Mr. Matthews is referred to in this post as "Dear Leader" by carmelbeach.

How much longer will this promoter continue to protect and defend the scam company PLNI CEO James N. Turek, Sr.?

Considering Mr. Matthews' behavior during the last two years, it is only a matter of time - will Mr. Matthews be subpoenaed and deposed by the US Department of Justice's Office of US Trustee, or will the Department of Justice wait for the US Attorney's Office while preparing the criminal indictments against PLNI, its officers, directors, consultants and promoters?

Will Mr. Matthews be a defendant in the potential stock manipulation and securities fraud indictments along with Promoter John M. Hollen?


Thursday, August 30, 2007

[PLNI]: Promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) continues to defend the syphoning of cash from Pro Mold, Inc. by parent Plasticon Int'l, Inc.

It is unfortunate that, after presented with information showing that Mr. Rick Matthews of Sedalia, Missouri is completely wrong while defending scam company Plasticon International, Inc. and its CEO Mr. James N. Turek, Mr. Matthews, a retired Raytheon Engineer, continues to attack the cybersleuths that have highlighted his false and misleading statements regarding the fraudulent syphoning of almost $100,000 in cash from Pro Mold, Inc. by its parent company, Plasticon International, Inc.

Mr. Matthews continues to insist that the ADP payroll payments discussed in the bankruptcy filings are tied to the approximately $7,500 per week in cash syphoned from Pro Mold by Plasticon and that this cash is intended to fulfill Pro Mold's payroll.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

As Pro Mold's bankruptcy filing document number 53 that is linked below shows, Pro Mold, Inc.'s monthly payroll budgeted in the court ordered cash collateral agreement calls for $128,730 per month in total salaries and benefits to Pro Mold, Inc. employees, or approximately $29,707 per week, significantly above the $7,500 per week claimed by the Promoter, Mr. Matthews.

More importantly, the approximately $100,000 that has been transferred by CEO Turek to Plasticon from Pro Mold is no where to be found in the court ordered budget for Pro Mold, Inc.

How long will it be before Mr. Matthews is subpoenaed and deposed by the U.S. Department of Justice for his involvement in promoting and defending this massive fraud at PLNI, which, in the opinion of the_worm06 will eventually be known as one of the top five pinksheets frauds in history?

here is document 53 filed with the Pro Mold bankruptcy court:

here is a reasonable analysis of the Pro Mold v. Plasticon payroll comparison:

here is another sample of the continued false and misleading statements on the Pro Mold payroll issue by Mr. Matthews, including his attacks on the Cybersleuths:

Posted by: rrm_bcnu
In reply to: bearclaw51 who wrote msg# 31813 Date:8/30/2007 6:58:41 PM
Post #of 31818

Bear, guys like worm06, scion and others can trump up all the charges and BS they want regarding my interpretation of the filed materials, but if they are basing those charges on information that is not in the public domain, then they open themselves to liability that could come back to bite them.

My read on the $7500 is based on what has been filed. Have you seen any seperate ADP account for ProMold filed? I haven't. If there is such an account, why is it that such information hasn't be posted to refute the opinion I expressed regarding the $7500. All they post seems to be unsubstantiated charges and allegations of wrong doing.

I really feel that worm06 is a very sick person. I feel sorry for him. Anyone that obsessed can't be playing with a full deck.


[PLNI]: False and Misleading Statements by Promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) regarding scam company Plasticon International, Inc.

It just doesn't stop.

Faced with a potential takeover of scam company PLNI by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of U.S. Trustee and, in the opinion of the_worm06, potential criminal indictments of certain PLNI officers, directors, consultants and promoters, Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) of Sedalia, Missouri, continues to defend PLNI and its CEO James N. Turek, Sr.

As with many of his posted messages on Internet message boards before the one below, Mr. Matthews uses false and misleading statements to state his case, in additional to attacking anyone in the way of his defense of Turek and PLNI. This time he attacks the attorneys for one of the PLNI creditors.

In this case Mr. Matthews is defending the syphoning off of close to $100,000 from the Pro Mold, Inc. subsidiary by PLNI, over and above the court ordered monthly cash collateral agreement by stating as fact that the funds are being used for Pro Mold, Inc.'s payroll. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What Mr. Matthews fails to mention is that the Plasticon International, Inc. and Pro Mold, Inc. bankruptcies are two separate cases.

Plasticon International, Inc. and Pro Mold, Inc. are two separate entities and should be treated as such.

He also doesn't understand that the payroll of each entity is paid by two separate ADP accounts, one for Pro Mold and one for PLNI. Pro Mold's payroll is paid by Pro Mold's cash going directly to ADP and not to Plasticon and then ADP. Cash syphoned from Pro Mold, Inc. by Plasticon and used for ADP payroll would only be used for Plasticon's payroll and not for Pro Mold, Inc.'s payroll.

This separation of these two different payrolls is what Mr. Matthews fails to understand and is misleading the investment public by stating that the close to $100,000 syphoned from Pro Mold by Plasticon is being used for Pro Mold's payroll expenses.

At this point one has to ask what Mr. Matthews' relationship with Turek is, as he has been caught representing Turek and PLNI in soliciting third parties for not only potential financing, but also legal representation.

Posted by: rrm_bcnu
In reply to: None Date:8/30/2007 12:32:22 AM
Post #of 31801

Some observations regarding the payroll issue:


5. According to the Pro Mold, Inc. Disbursement Journals that are attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit “1”, “2” and “3”, Debtor Pro Mold has transferred the following amounts to Debtor Plasticon since June 22, 2007 for management fees:

Date - Amount
a. June 22, 2007 - $ 7,500.00
b. June 29, 2007 - $ 7,500.00
b. July 6, 2007 - $ 7,500.00
c. July 10, 2007 - $ 7,500.00
Total $30,000.00

6. According to counsel for Debtor Pro Mold and Debtor Plasticon, Debtor Plasticon directed Debtor Pro Mold to pay these management fees to Debtor Plasticon “out of necessity because Debtor Plasticon had no money to pay its’ payroll.”

B. Implicit in the above is the quoted statement that Plasticon had no money to pay Pro Mold's payroll. All payroll for the corporation, including Pro Mold, is apparently handled through ADP Inc., according to the DIP Monthly Operations report for the period ending 31 July 2007 (#158). Note the dates of the above cited "proof" that the Murphy entities "management fees" were unauthorized post-petition transfers.

C. It appears that the payroll for ProMold amounts to approximately $7500 of the total Plasticon payroll handled by ADP, approximately $9447 per week. This is based on the summed and averaged entries below from document #158 pages 13 and 14:

Date Amounts Disbursed
5/25/07 $6038.97 + $3335.94 + $56.07 = $9430.98
5/31/07 $6038.98 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.97
6/08/07 $6038.99 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.98
6/15/07 $6038.99 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.98
6/21/07 $6038.98 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.97
6/27/07 $6038.98 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.97 (5 days after the June 22 Pro Mold Transfer)
7/06/07 $6038.98 + $3335.92 + $56.07 = $9430.97 (8 days after the June 29 Pro Mold Transfer)
7/12/07 $6038.97 + $3170.56 + $58.92 = $9268.45 (6 days after the July 06 Pro Mold Transfer)
7/19/07 $6038.99 + $3651.13 + $58.92 = $9749.04 (9 days after the July 10 Pro Mold Transfer)
7/25/07 $6038.98 + $3335.92 + $58.93 = $9433.83
Total = $94,468.14 / 10 = $9446.81

D. Note on page 15 that funds for ProMold payroll were transferred in from Lex Real to pay the payroll from 5/17/07 till the end of June. On 6/27/07, $15,000 (2 x $7500) back payments apprently were received. Subsequent weekly receipts from Pro Mold were to pay for "its'" own (ProMold's) payroll... and rightly so.

E. The clearly poor communication between two hostile legal entities is most assuredly not in the best interests of creditors or shareholders. However, the blatant misread of the Plasticon statement regarding payroll by Pro Plas is a divisive and IMO devious spin on the rightful need for the Pro Mold facility to pay it's own payroll in this Ch 11.

IMO these $7500 payments to Plasicon are for payroll, have nothing to do with anything other than payroll, and to imply otherwise requires the implier to prove the DIP monthly report (#158) incorrect. The dates and amounts on the DIP Monthly ending 31 July 07 appear to correspond to the Exhibits submitted by the Pro Plas creditor in other documents.

The link to the #158 document:


Thursday, August 16, 2007

[PLNI]: In a truly unbelievable statement, promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) blames everyone except PLNI CEO Turek for the bankruptcy of PLNI

Even though there is now enough public information of a trail of self-dealing, deceit and fraudulent behavior by PLNI CEO James N. Turek, Sr., amazingly this promoter from Sedalia, Missouri now wants to get revenge for the rest of his life on the cybersleuths that have pointed out the fraudulent red flags for over two years now. Additionally, in another surprising comment, he continues to accuse the evil naked short sellers of causing the bankruptcy.

How little does Mr. Matthews remember that it is him that has been advising current and potential PLNI investors to buy more shares or to just hold on to their shares and not sell into the market, no matter how negative the publicly available information was out there during the last two years.

To get a small sample of what is ahead for PLNI CEO Turek, here you will find what the U.S. Department of Justice recently filed in the PLNI banruptcy case regarding his fraudulent behavior in managing PLNI:

In the opinion of the_worm06, Plasticon International, Inc. (PLNI) will be known as one of the top five biggest scams ever in the history of pinksheets.

Here is the statement by Rick Matthews (aka Richard R. Matthews aka rrm_bcnu):

Posted by: rrm_bcnu
In reply to: DTL who wrote msg# 31541

Date:8/16/2007 10:27:17 PM
Post #31543 of 31549

I believe they were deposed. Need to check back to be sure.

You know, what really angers me the most about those who revel in their joy about taking down PLNI is that they don't seem to care one bit about the people and lives that the whole incident represents.

The employess of Plasticon and ProMold are in real danger of losing their livelihood as the kids go back to school and the holidays approach.

The shareholders who invested could see the trading in PLNIQ stopped by the SEC. Some I know have hundreds of millions of shares, their entire life savings involved. The gloaters just say "Hey, they bought their ticket, let em die!" This isn't about who wins anymore. This is about what is right and what is wrong.

Those of us who have fought against the manipulation we saw in the trading of PLNI, who are shareholders and have been threatened with lawsuits, and in some cases personal threats, will be on the trail of those who did this for the rest of our lives. I have no reason not to continue to collect evidence on those who gloat about this until I end my days. Where ever they go, whatever stock they turn to next... I'll be there... collecting and reporting.

If someone in Plasticon is responsible for misdeeds I hope the Trustee uncovers it and takes action. I also hope that the Trustee examines the Issued vs the Outstanding of shares held in street name in detail and advises the 12,000+ shareholders as to that status in an official court document. If the Trustee examines the daily trading stream of PLNI they can't help but witness the bogus trading and manipulative actions we witnessed.

We finally have someone examining the truth... and although that is a strong positive in the battle for good, it may result in all of the shareholders losing everything they invested in. The only winner in that situation would be those who hold phantom shares they've already been paid for. They would never have to worry about covering and paying taxes on something that doesn't exist any longer.. now would they.


► Any comment provided is my personal assessment of the indicated stock and should not form the sole basis of any buy or sell decision making by any reader.
Short & Distort and dissembler complaints >


[PLNI]: The continual defense of scam company PLNI and its CEO Turek by promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu)

Take some time and read the message board for PLNI and you will find the continual defense by Mr. Matthews of Sedalia, Missouri, of scam company PLNI, its CEO James N. Turek and the massive fraud they they have been involved in:

Not only will you find Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) defending the massive frauds, but you will find him attacking anyone that has agreed with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of U.S. Trustee's impressive Motion to appoint a Trustee to manage PLNI and its Pro Mold, Inc. subsidiary due to Turek's self-dealing, deceit and outright fraud.

You will also find Mr. Matthews attacking the largest third party creditor and its attorneys in the PLNI and Pro Mold, Inc. bankruptcy proceedings, even claiming conspiracy theories with the U.S. Department of Justice - anything that will allow his hero, PLNI CEO Turek appear to be the victim of these proceedings.

Here is the Motion by the U.S. Department of Justice:

This blog has previously highlighted a small sample of the dozens of false and misleading statements about PLNI and its business that Mr. Matthews has used in promoting PLNI - and in giving advice to investors to buy the stock or hold and not sell.

What is also significant in Rick Matthews' behavior are his actions as a moderator of the same message board. You will notice that there are many posted messages missing by observing the sequence of post numbers. Many of the missing posted messages are truthful but negative posts about PLNI and Turek that are deleted by Mr. Matthews, believing somehow, that this would help the stock price of PLNI and reputation of his hero, PLNI CEO Turek.

What is most alarming, however, is that the deletion of opposing posted messages by Mr. Matthews occurs in the middle of debates with cybersleuths - yes, Mr. Matthews will actually delete the opposing posted messages in the middle of a heated debate about the self-dealing and fraudulent acts committed by PLNI CEO Turek.

As an example, 75 of the 125 messages posted on this page were deleted:

At this point, what the SEC and the U.S. Attorney's Office have to ask is: What is Mr. Matthews' relationship with PLNI CEO's Turek or any of PLNI's consultants or affiliated entities? - Why has Mr. Matthews tried so hard to defend this obvious scam company and its CEO, even after the U.S. Justice Department has outlined a trail of self-dealing, deceit and outright fraud, both bankruptcy fraud and securities fraud?

Is it not enough that the same Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) was one of the biggest message board promoters of scam company Digital Gas, Inc. (DIGG) right before it was raided by a multi-agency task force, suspended in trading by the SEC and charged with securities fraud by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office? (search "DIGG" on the top left corner of this blog to find the details of Mr. Matthews' involvement and the charges against DIGG and its officers/consultants).


Monday, August 13, 2007

[PLNI]: Promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) proven wrong again about the mass stock dilution by Plasticon International, Inc.

Previously Mr. Matthews (rrm_bcnu) of Sedalia, Missouri had stated many times that PLNI would never issue common shares below its par value of $0.001/share. As proven by the recent motion filed by the U.S. Department of Justice in bankruptcy court, PLNI has been issuing tens of millions of common shares at $0.0001/share all along - again proving that Mr. Matthews was completely wrong in his desperate attempt once again to "protect his investment". Here is one of his posted messages on this matter and highlighted by this blog:


Sunday, August 12, 2007

[SLJB/LFWK]: Promoter Peter W. Barton (pete70 aka scorpio70) attempts to pump and hype SLJB with fraudulent false and misleading financial statements

Take a look at the August 12th posted message on the new scorpio message board as Elmira, NY native Mr. Peter W. Barton (pete70 aka scorpio70) posts a link to a filing of unaudited financials for the period ending December 31, 2005 by SLJB/LFWK.

Mr. Barton, the owner of an 11 foot aluminum boat, attempts to pump the stock by saying that there are some serious assets at the end of 2005.

Yet a review of the balance sheet that was filed with pinksheets shows Total Assets of $6.2 million, but "Liabilities and Stockholders Equity" of $14.4 million. These two figures should be exactly the same amount in order for the balance sheet to "balance".

The significant $8.2 discrepancy in the balance sheet leads one to assume that the books of this company are "cooked" and that LFWK/SLJB released fraudulent false and misleading financial statements to the investment public.

What was Mr. Barton, who claims a close relationship with former SLJB CEO Mr. Petar Vucicevich, thinking by using this fraudulent balance sheet to promote the stock?

He has already been caught saying that all the previous fraudulent false and misleading financials statements released by the company were legitimate - including the May 31, 2005 and 2006 unaudited financial statements.

Does Peter W. Barton of Elmira, N.Y. not realize that certain message boards, and certainly this blog, are monitored by the several government agencies that increasingly are looking for promoters that use false and misleading statements to promote the stocks of scam companies?

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That's some serious assets they had at the end of 05


Thursday, August 09, 2007

[SLJB]: Leslie Call (sally77) assists scam company SLJB with her massive disinformation campaign, including many false and misleading statements

A relative newcomer to the fraudulent promotion of scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd, it seems this associate of Elmira, NY promoter Peter W. Barton (scorpio70000) is making every effort to post false and misleading statements on SLJB. See bold below:

from message board:

Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: None Date:8/9/2007 5:45:10 PM
Post #279217 of 279255

Here's a fact for all of you,

Sulja Brothers is and always was a functioning profitable business
. It is only a matter of time before it will all be laid out for everyone to see. The ASC has some of it wrong. Sounds like some of the drivel being spread around here.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: whistles
who wrote msg 279283 # 279278
Date:8/9/2007 10:40:17 PM
Post #of 279331

It is a fact. I am not lying. How dare you call me names just because I refuse to play the way you want to play. Guess what? You don't write the rules around here. You may label me a liar if you want. But I bet there are many people who would agree with my statements.

Sulja is a functioning, profitable business.

This is my last post for the evening. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to point out that every time I express my feelings and support of SLJB there are certain posters who come out of the woodwork. Perhaps it is because I am direct and well spoken and it takes more than one of them to try to defeat me. There must be a reason for this. Maybe someone could tell me why little ol' me brings out all this name calling and hatred. You can see the feelings in the posts. I'm just a shareholder. A believer in this company. I believe that Sulja has been dealt a blow. I have never said that Sulja was perfect. Read my past posts. Go back a few months. Read what I've written. I am passionated about Sulja and this company. This is why some try to discredit me by calling me a "liar" and demanding proof. If it was just so easy to say, here click the link, this is your proof, then all of us wouldn't be here. There is no link. There is however a functioning business in Canada whose profits will be known soon enough. Until that time there will be doubters. That's fine with me. There will be bashers. That's okay too. But how dare any of you question my integrity. To suppose you know me in some sense. Please. I trade pinks for fun. I have NEVER been passionate about a pink. But then, there is Sulja. It's different. I dare you to find this sort of reaction on any other pink. It doesn't exist. Ask yourself why that is? Is this proof? Maybe, maybe not.

Throw your knives. I am done for the evening. And for the record one more time, and this one is just "because I said so"

Sulja is a functioning, profitable business.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: whistles
who wrote msg# 278991
Date:8/8/2007 7:46:26 PM
Post #278993 of 279007

Why would they continue the nominee activities even after the share price drop? Would it really be worth it?

I believe nothing illegal was done in the nominee accounts. The OSC is looking into it. We will know soon enough what their opinion on the matter is. Funny thing is though, if it were so black and white as some of you think, then why even wait, just put the nail in the coffin yes? Maybe it isn't so simple.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: janice shell
who wrote msg# 278996
Date:8/8/2007 7:52:03 PM
Post #278997 of 279007

If I don't, then I'm sure you can educate me. I believe all transactions with the nominee accounts were completely legal. Especially until the OSC rules otherwise. Until then, it's just a topic for debate. You can personally attack me if you want. It isn't the way to debate though.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: Melvin Chizedek
who wrote msg# 277644
Date:7/24/2007 5:51:23 PM
Post #277716 of 277717

Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to be the warning cry for the world? Cause as far as I'm concerned you just perpetuate lies. Sulja Bros is a real company. SLJB is the publicly traded stock for that company. Hardly a pump and dump, hardly a fraudulent business.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: whistles
who wrote msg# 277620
Date:7/23/2007 3:10:21 PM
Post #277632 of 277646

Fake financials. Wow! How do you have information reguarding financials that were never released. I thought they didn't exsist in the first place. Which is it guys? If you are going to have a talking point, you should all get together, compare notes and try to stay consistant.


Posted by: Sally77
In reply to: sandbath
who wrote msg# 274290
Date:7/2/2007 2:05:06 PM
Post #274292 of 274323

I believe all PRs since the OSC announcement are completely true. I feel that the company knew it was in hot water and would not endanger themselves further.

The seek and destroy PR is an interesting PR. I believe that efforts have been made to validate this PR. There are certain posters on various boards who have disappeared. I also feel that these were the culprits of the personal endangerment to the families of the parties involved with SLJB. Anyway you swing it, there were some very unethical things that went on. Some posters stepped way out of bounds by posting personal information such as addresses, phone number and photos online. If you have noticed, that sort of thing has stopped for the most part. Therefore I think the PR did it's job.

Did I miss anything? Oh, yes, I do believe there were some truths in the previous PRs, which parts, well, I believe we will find those things out very soon.


Posted by:
In reply to: sandbath
who wrote msg# 274304
Date:7/2/2007 11:15:02 PM
Post #274393 of 274404

I've responded to the questions you've asked sandbath. I don't have the answer to your question about the legal stuff. I told you that you'd have to ask Mr. Sullivan about those things. This is my last allotted post for today, so we will have to pick it up tomorrow.

I have no fear in saying that I don't have all the answers. If I did, making money on pinks would be a breeze. I got into penny trading for fun. I have no money in it that I cannot afford to lose. Even if I get screwed out of my money here, you won't find me here 'bashing' the company, saying 'oh, woe is me and beware to you.' I believe that if you trade pinks it's bound to happen sometime. NO ONE makes money on every trade. If they say they do, then they lie.

That being said, I believe in what Sulja is doing. I believe that they have represented themselves in a upstanding manner since the OSC temporary halt began. They are making strides. Many ask, and beg to see the proof, but we all know it takes time. I've got plenty of time to wait and see the outcome.

Until tomorrow.


[PLNI]: Promoter Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) now claims that Creditor Murphy's Attorneys are conspiring with the U.S. Department of Justice

In the link below you will find a posted message on by former Raytheon Engineer Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu) which includes his conspiracy accusations - and all because the Murphy Attorneys filed a motion to reschedule a hearing on the same day that the U.S. Department of Justice's U.S. Trustee's Office filed a motion showing the trail of massive fraud and deceit by PLNI and its CEO James N. Turek, Sr.

Having spent 2 years now defending PLNI CEO Turek and attacking the very same people that have highlighted the fraudulent red flags of this company, Mr. Matthews seems to again attempt to find fault somewhere else other than his hero.

Only recently Mr. Matthews was threatening the cybersleuths with serious Justice Department investigations initiated by him due to the cybersleuths pointing out that PLNI CEO Turek's deposition was held a week later than scheduled, something which was already publicly available from the PACER court filings.

For two years now, Mr. Matthews has accused the "evil naked short sellers" and the "evil hedge funds" of causing the PLNI stock price to drop by 99.99% , overlooking the massive amount of PLNI shares that were issued by PLNI to CEO Turek and then transferred/sold soon thereafter, into the billions of shares.

the_worm06 is of the opinion that Plasticon International, Inc. will eventually be known as one of the top five biggest scams in pinksheets history.

Mr. Matthews of Sedalia, Missouri, who also falsely once claimed that he was a Marine and falsely claimed that he never traded affiliate company TelcoBlue, has assisted in the promotion of this scam company, together with notorious promoter John M. Hollen (jmhollen), by pumping and hyping for two years now, with dozens of false and misleading statements, a small sample of which are illustrated on this blog.


[SLJB]: Faced with few assets to collect, the Drago Class Action lawsuit attorneys withdraw the lawsuit

Poof, gone - What happened to all those SLJB assets?

Posted by: janniebgood
In reply to: None Date:8/9/2007 12:58:39 PM
Post #of 279231

I have been advised that the case of Drago v. Vucicevich, et al, filed in federal court in Florida, has been voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiffs' counsel due to the following reasons:

1. None of the defendant companies had Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance, which would have covered the companies for any illicit acts or omissions by its directors and officers which caused financial detriment to the company or its shareholders; and

2. The attorneys did not feel there were sufficient reachable assets among the defendants to justify their risk of advancing a substantial amount of money in costs to prosecute this case across international borders.

It appears to me from this that neither the companies (SLJB Nevada, SLJB Ontario, and Kore) nor the individuals involved have much in the way of assets, at least not in their own names. The law firm which investigated this matter on behalf of myself and another shareholder also came to the same conclusion once their investigation was concluded.

Where have all those touted substantial assets gone?


[PLNI]: Outlining a trail of self-dealing & fraud, Dept. of Justice's US Trustee files Motion for appointment of Trustee to oversee scam company PLNI

Tremendous motion filed by the office of Richard F. Clippard, United States Trustee for Region 8, showing a compilation of the massive fraud and self-dealing by PLNI CEO James N. Turek, Sr.

A must read


[SLJB]: The Notice of Hearing and the Allegations against SLJB, Vucicevich and DeVries by the Alberta Securities Commission



[SLJB]: The troubles continue for SLJB - The Alberta Securities Commission seeking reciprocal order against Sulja Bros. and Associates


ASC seeking reciprocal order against Sulja Bros. and Associates

CALGARY, Aug. 8 /CNW/ - The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has announced that a hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, 2007, regarding the conduct of Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. (Nevada), Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. (an Ontario orporation), Kore International Management Inc. (an Ontario corporation), Petar Vucicevich (an Ontario resident), and Andrew DeVries (a Texas resident). The hearing will be conducted under the reciprocal enforcement provisions of the Alberta Securities Act.

The parties named above are the subjects of a Temporary Order made by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) on December 22, 2006, which has been extended numerous times. In the order, the OSC alleges the parties violated securities laws in Ontario when they traded in and distributed securities of Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. (Nevada) without being registered to do so and without filing a prospectus. In addition, the parties face allegations that they engaged in manipulative trading of those securities and made misleading statements in press releases.

ASC Staff allege that after the OSC issued its Temporary Order, the Sulja Bros. companies announced the head office in Harrow, Ontario was being shut down and relocated to Calgary. ASC Staff believe the parties pose a risk of future misconduct that could affect Alberta investors and its capital market. As a result, ASC Staff have issued a Notice of Hearing to seek a reciprocal order in Alberta similar to the Temporary Order made by the OSC.

A copy of the Notice of Hearing outlining the allegations in their
entirety is available on the ASC website at

The ASC is the regulatory agency responsible for administering the
province's securities laws. It is entrusted to foster a fair and efficient capital market in Alberta and to protect investors. As a member of the Canadian Securities Administrators, the ASC works to improve, coordinate and harmonize the regulation of Canada's capital markets.

For further information: For Media Inquiries: Tamera Van Brunt,
Director, Communications and Investor Education, (403) 297-2664;
For Investor Inquiries: ASC Public Inquiries, (403) 297-4296, Toll Free 1-877-355-4488


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

[PHGI]: Perihelion Global Inc. discloses that its outstanding common shares increased by 54% in only 1 1/2 months to 200 million

On August 7, 2007 disclosed that PHGI's total common shares outstanding were now 200 million as of August 5, 2007. The figures were submitted by PHGI the previous day, August 6, 2007.

The 200 million figure is a 54% increase from the 130 million previously disclosed by PHGI as of the June 15, 2007 date.

Estimated Market Cap
4,600,000 as of Aug 7, 2007

Outstanding Shares
200,000,000 as of Aug 5, 2007

Authorized Shares
500,000,000 as of Jul 24, 2007

8,000,000 as of Apr 16, 2007


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

[SLJB]: Promoter Peter W. Barton (scorpio70000) continues to defend former SLJB CEO Petar Vucicevich

Posted on August 6, 2007 from Mr. Barton's newest SLJB promotional message board

As you read below please keep in mind that Mr. Vucicevich has been charged with securities fraud by the Ontario Securities Commission for his role in the massive frauds at scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd.

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It gets even better. For all the abuse that Petar Vucicevich has taken it should start to become clear that this man who has suffered through the entire process by being portrayed as some sort of con artist is anything but.

Anybody want to figure out what Mr Vucicevich's religous affiliation is now.

He's never left the scene. He works daily alongside the Sulja's for a simple reason. He is their brother in faith. He has Sunday dinner with them and sits at their table. He's been sitting at their table FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS.

He had no use for being photograhed either by the Windsor Star, or by any of us when we visited. None. He stepped aside and looked embarrassed by the notion of posing for a group shot of us in Colchester behind the Trim Shop.

His vehicles are leased. Not owned as material possessions. They're leased.

His attire is modest. He wears the same thing daily. The reference to him being called 'Black Pete' should be more fairly characterized as he dresses in the same attire daily, as a matter of religious faith. He dresses in black. Just as the Sulja men wear black pants and white shirt daily.

He never ran from any aftermath of things happening post 16th, He made himself available by blog several times and stood his ground answering question after question unrehersed, being mainly served up by the paid bash crew, intent on deligitimizing him.

Care to show me even one instance of wrongdoing on the part of Mr Vucicevich or any of the Sulja's? Go search. You can't find anything, can you? Cheer up, neither could the paid crew.

Dem's da facts. Welcome to penny world, where a stock before financials can be arbitrarily priced subpenny, while nakedly shorted. And welcome to being fortunate enough to be holding shares to the rare real deal. The one that comes along in penny world but once in a blue moon.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

[PHGI]: Prediction on the Perihelion Global Inc. common shares outstanding by the_worm06

the_worm06 predicts that the common shares outstanding of PHGI as of today is approximately:

200 million common shares outstanding

up about 50% from the 130 million figure last released by the company as of June 15, 2007


[PLNI]: Prediction on the Bankruptcy of Plasticon International, Inc.

the_worm06 predicts that the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of PLNI will be converted to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy by October 31, 2007


[PLNI]: Promoter John M. Hollen (jmhollen) - The Sale of Millions of PLNI Common Shares Into the Market



Friday, August 03, 2007

[PLNI][SLJB][GCHR/ARUR ]: Former associate of promoter John M. Hollen (jmhollen) accuses him of receiving shares to promote without disclosure


To: Jeffrey S. Mitchell who wrote (10070)
8/3/2007 1:09:55 PM
From: im a survivor 10071 of 10071

Yes. He was a paid pumper who dumped when he was screaming for everybody to buy. Nor did he disclose he was compensated to promote certain company's while he was pumping them.

Both is the answer to your other question. He did this when being compensated and he did this on his own if he was not compensated and he certainly was not honest or sincere and considering he has made literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of BUY RECS of whick 99% plumett, I think it is safe to say YES, he is an awful stock picker. His public recs and the performance of his recs is all one needs to see. Did some go up? Sure. A) Not unusual for something that is being pumped to go up and B) Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn. However, C) Those that did go up, did not stay up. Most of his recs end up lying dead in the street, even if some did see a nice run up (very short lived before they crash usualy), before they crashed.

You said the company. Not sure which company you are talking about. I do know of some that compensated him which he did not disclose, but this is a guy with hundreds and hundreds of recs on pure 100% pieces of $hit and only the authorities can know exactly which ones compensated him and which ones he worked on by himself. For instance, he always contacts whatever company in an effort to get free shares to help promote them. Many company's say "Ok, lets do it". Others blow him off. Oddly enough and I dont mind saying this publicly because anybody can call and verify. ACHI. I do not know if he was compensated by them when he first pumped the company. Very possibly he was, then again, maybe he was not. What I do know is if you call ACHI today and mention this person, they will flat out tell you he is a nut who has been harassing them for free shares and after telling him to get lost many, many times and to stop harassing them, they had their lawyer put a stop to him calling them. They did not have anything good to say about this person, called him a nut and an unethical and desperate person and they did not want to be associated with him in any matter way or form. When this person posted publicly that he was great friends with two main people at achi, they did not take that too kindly to say the least.

But Jeff, I believe you already know all of this and if you are trying to figure out if he was involved with PLNI in this manner, all I can say is I honestly do not know. Maybe he was, maybe he wasnt, I truly do not know. If I did, I would surely tell you, but I prefer to stick with things I know to be factual and although I have heard your group claim that he was paid to pump PLNI, I do not know if that is factual or not factual.

One thing I do know that your group has been 110% wrong about for quite a long while is the many people you think are associated with and/or working with this person (I love the JMH...Just My Hunch name, as you are correct ;>)). Your group, the insect with the blog and etc, have accused many people of being in cahoots with this guy and I can factualy say, not a single person you guys have mentioned, has anything to do with Just My Hunch, other then being cordial with him on the MB's. In fact, most of the people you guys have accused of being in cahoots with him, can only laugh at the accusations because almost every one of these people know he is a scam artist and want nothing to do with him. Being cordial with him or posting on one of his boards(hard to avoid when he moderates how many hundreds of boards on this one site alone?) does NOT mean certain people are in cahoots with him. Most of the people yall have accused of working with him are a lot smarter then you give them credit for and they KNOW all about JMH and know better then to do anything more then be cordial to him in public.

Have a great weekend........


[PLNI]: A history of pumping and hyping scam company Plasticon International, Inc. by Promoter Mr. Rick Matthews (rrm_bcnu)

truly unbelievable!

As the PLNI stock price has tumbled from 1.9 cents/share to less than $0.0001/share with a bid of Zero, you have to wonder the millions of dollars in investor money lost by the people that took the invesment advice of Promoter Rick Matthews:


[PHGI]: Did the Perihelion Global Inc. CEO issue a false and misleading press release regarding the reduction of common shares?


PHGI announces that it will retire 4.6 million common shares. However, notice that PHGI fails to list the current level of issued and outstanding common shares.

Why is this?

What does the PHGI CEO have to hide?

Also, notice that the PHGI CEO states that PHGI "will retire" as opposed to "has retired". When will these 4.6 million common shares be retired?

The PHGI CEO again fails to make this clear.

The last amount made public by PHGI was 130 million oustanding common shares as of June 15, 2007. How many are outstanding now as of the time of this press release? Any amount of common shares outstanding greater than 130 million would make the bold phrase below completely false and misleading.

Press Release Source: Perihelion Global

Perihelion Global Announces Cancellation of Common Stock; Enters Negotiations for OTCBB Shell for Broadcast Division

Friday August 3, 8:00 am ET

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL and WILMINGTON, DE--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 3, 2007 -- Perihelion Global (Other OTC:PHGI.PK - News), a development company with interests in natural resources, alternative energies, and advanced communications, today announced an initiative to increase shareholder value, the Company will retire 4,600,000 (four million six hundred thousand) shares of outstanding common stock. The shares are to be returned to the Company's transfer agent and cancelled.

Management stated that it will continue to reduce the issued and outstanding shares in its ongoing campaign to enhance the Company's price per share. Management cited its unwavering commitment to the Company's initiative to enhance shareholder value and affect the rise in price per share necessary to facilitate pending and future mergers and acquisitions.

On July 23, 2007 the company announced confirmation from the Delaware Secretary of State that the company's lawful and documented authorized shares has been reduced by 98% from 30,200,000,000 to 500,000,000 per the company's board resolution adopted earlier this year.

Additionally, the company is announcing that it has entered negotiations to acquire a 2nd NASDAQ OTCBB shell company for its Broadcast Division subsidiary to merge into. Previously, the company had intended to keep the Broadcast Division Subsidiary listed on the Pink Sheets, while the Biofuel Refinery and Patented Gold Mine properties would up-list to the NASDAQ OTCBB. Management feels that it is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders to have all of its assets and subsidiaries listed on exchanges that have full transparency to the investment public.

"We intend to grow our broadcast division and expand beyond radio to other FCC licensed mediums," stated John H. Beebe, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of Perihelion Global. Added Beebe, "We are excited about our growth and revenue opportunities for our Broadcast Division. We have also listened to the desires of our current shareholders about having greater transparency. We fully concur with our shareholders' desires and are pursuing an additional acquisition of an OTCBB listed company for our Broadcast Division to accomplish this objective."

About Perihelion Global:

Perihelion Global focuses on the acquisition, development and management of technologies, strategic commodity reserves and assets in the energy, natural resource and communications markets. Perihelion's management team specializes in providing solutions for the strategic challenges of the 21st Century. We lead with decades of experience in environments that are mission critical in today's global marketplace: Technology, Energy and Communications.


Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains historical information as well as forward-looking statements that are based upon our estimates and anticipation of future events that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to vary materially from the expected results described in the forward-looking statements. The words "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "expect," "hopeful," "intend," "may," "optimistic," "preliminary," "project," "should," "will," and similar expressions are intended to identify these forward-looking statements. There are numerous important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Thus, sentences and phrases that we use to convey our view of future events and trends are expressly designated as Forward-Looking Statements as are sections of this news release clearly identified as giving our outlook on future business.

These forward-looking statements are subject to significant risks, assumptions and uncertainties, including, among other things, the following important factors that could affect the actual outcome of future events:

-- General economic conditions, either nationally or in our market area, that are worse than expected;

-- regulatory and legislative actions or decisions that adversely affect our business plans or operations;

-- price competition;

-- inflation and changes in the securities markets that adversely affect the fair value of our operations; and

-- changes in our organization, compensation and benefit plans.

We wish to caution readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made, and wish to advise readers that the factors listed above could affect our financial performance and could cause actual results for future periods to differ materially from any opinions or statements expressed with respect to future periods in any current statements. We do not undertake and specifically decline any obligation to publicly release the result of any revisions that may be made to any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events.


John H. Beebe
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President
Perihelion Global
866-748-7610 (Toll Free) x 719

Source: Perihelion Global


[PLNI]: Who is K. Purdy of Knoxville, TN and what is his involvement in the promotion and defense of scam company Plasticon International, Inc.?

details to follow


Thursday, August 02, 2007

[SLJB]: A major liability - Promoter Ricardo J. Fernandez (Airys418) promises to pay anyone $1,000 if they can prove that SLJB is a scam

The time limit of the offer to pay $1,000 is until the audited financials of SLJB come out. As of today, August 2, 2007, the SLJB audited financials have not been released.

It seems that Mr. Ricardo J. Fernandez (Airys418) is looking at a very substantial liability as thousands of people will be showing him evidence that SLJB is a scam. A thousand people times $1,000 would equal $1.0 million in payments by Mr. Fernandez.

from the message board for SLJB:

Posted by: airys418
In reply to: NewMoney4me who wrote msg# 132289
Date:10/25/2006 9:44:36 AM
Post #132298 of 132321

LOL! I'll even go one step further. I will pay anyone $1000.00 if you can prove SLJB is a scam. You have until the AF's come out. This post binds me to my promise. PROVE IT!!!


[SLJB]: Promoter Peter W. Barton of Elmira, NY falsely claims that the fraudulent unaudited financial statements issued by SLJB were legitimate

Mr. Peter W. Barton (scorpio7000) is using his scorpio70 alias in these posted messages:


[SLJB]: Promoter Peter W. Barton opens new SLJB stock promotion message board, changes alias from scorpio70 to scorpio7000

Here is the new SLJB stock promotion message board opened by Mr. Peter W. Barton (scorpio70 aka scorpio7000) of Elmira, NY:

the_worm06 will continue the series on Mr. Peter W. Barton and his massive disinformation campaign designed to further assist scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. (SLJB).


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

[SLJB]: The legal problems for Promoter "scorpio70" begin as he is sent "Cease and Desist" letter by attorneys


By: janniebgood
01 Aug 2007, 02:09 PM EDT
Msg. 17844 of 17847
(This msg. is a reply to 17831 by SloJon.)
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JC - Unless you want to be served a cease and desist letter from my attorney similar to the one I served upon a certain long residing in Elmira, New York, I strongly suggest that you immediately discontinue saying or implying that I am part of any criminal activity, as such is a complete untruth. Libel is a serious tort.

Please govern yourself accordingly.


[SLJB]: "SloJon" - The use of an alias to threaten the family of SLJB's CEO by Mr. John H. Legett and Mr. Sean Caler

Below please find a rather disturbing posted message on a Canadian message board by an alias, SloJon, that is shared by Mr. John H. Legett of Claremore, OK and Kansas City, KS and Mr. Sean Caler of Kansas City, KS, in which the family of SLJB CEO Steve Sulja is threatened to be exposed and ruined. Mr. Caler is the step-son of Mr. Legett.

What is more disturbing is the mental state of either Mr. Legett or Mr. Caler in using the SloJon alias while posting a recent message on the Raging Bull message boards describiing themselves as "I'M A SICK PHUKER"...see the bottom message below:

Author: SloJon (
Date: 11-21-06 14:55

Why am I saying these things about your respected neighbors? My wife and I invested US$36,000.00 in the long-term future of SLJB as a major part of our retirement plan. Returning to the work force at our age is pretty much out of the question. If we and the thousands like us lose everything, I PROMISE we will do everything we can to expose...and ruin...the Sulja family in court. What will this do to your local economy?

I don't really care.


from the Raging Bull SLJB message board:

By: SloJon
27 Jul 2007, 01:11 PM EDT
Msg. 17463 of 17495
(This msg. is a reply to 17451 by guy42i.)
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Guy, I'll say it b4 U do...



[SLJB]: Promoter Jack Dorf (jake8812) working closely with SLJB officer Leslie Budway to release false and misleading information

Take a look at the posted message below by Batavia, NY native and Promoter Mr. Jack Dorf (jake8812), in which he states that he communicated with scam company SLJB officer Leslie Budway and then quotes her as he posts false and misleading information about cement deals and the SLJB audited financials on the Internet stock message boards.

Mr. Dorf then goes on to defend Ms. Budway and build her credibility by saying that she never once lied to him.

How long before the OSC, the RCMP and the FBI begin investigating the relationship between these two people and Mr. Petar Vucicevich, the former CEO of SLJB who has been charged with securities fraud by the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) as has scam company Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd.?

It has been found out just recently that the RCMP raided the offices of SLJB and seized a significant number of documents and computers, which apparently have yet to be returned.

from the stock message board:

Posted by: jake8812
In reply to: None

Date:4/2/2007 6:35:21 PM
Post #257805 of 257814

When I spoke to Leslie last week I asked here about the cement deals. She said that they exist and that the lawyers have the contracts but nothing will be released until the docs. are shown to the OSC. She also told me that the lawyers have all the bank statements and other paperwork to answer all their questions regarding all of the OSC allegations. It sounded to me that the lawyers are very confident. She also said that the company has been very busy with new home construction. This CPA firm was hired to complete the audit. They were in Windsor on Friday & Saturday doing their thing. Leslie has never once lied to me and believe me as an investor like many of you if she ever had in the past or in the future I would tell you.